Welcome to the 2018 CIArb UK (Nigeria Branch) Conference

Conference Theme: Arbitration and ADR in Africa: Challenges Gains and Lessons for the Future

The conference features a wide range of informed speakers from many walks of life expressing their views on many facets of arbitration in Africa.
This is a unique conference exploring a wide range of topics associated with arbitration in Africa. Click here to view the conference schedule.
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Gala nights featuring all white events, indoor games, various live performances and a lot of interactive activities throughout. Network while you have fun.
About The Conference
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Dear All,

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Nigeria Branch (CIArb) Annual Conference and Gala Nite is here again and scheduled to take place from the 25th – 26th October, 2018 at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja. The conference will be preceded on the 24th of October, 2018 by our Young Members Group Conference also at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

Our Annual Conference has been held for the past 17 years. Our conferences are intellectually stimulating and create opportunity for discussion amongst all players in the field including practitioners from diverse backgrounds both within and outside our shores. Our priority is to ensure that arbitration and alternative dispute resolution continues to meet the needs of users and the challenges of modern times.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Arbitration and ADR in Africa: Challenges, Gains and Lessons for the Future”. The 2018 CIArb conference will focus on contemporary frontline issues in Arbitration and ADR in Africa. We have invited speakers and guests from within Nigeria and across the globe. Our speakers include policy makers, Legislators, members of the Judiciary and eminent arbitrators and alternative dispute resolvers. Speakers include James Bridgeman SC, C.Arb., President, CIArb., Aliyu Abbatti Abdulhameed, Managing Director, NIRSAL. Cynthia Lareine, Executive Director, International Lawyers for Africa (ILFA). Ambassador Chiedu Osakwe. Director-General, Nigerian Office for Trade Negotiations and Dr. Eman Mansour. Director, Investors’ Dispute Settlement Center, GAFI. Cairo. The conference sessions will offer participants the opportunity to hear from the experts in the field of arbitration.

The 2018 CIArb Annual Conference & Gala Nite will be preceded by the 2ndYoung Members Group Annual Conference on the 24th day of October, 2018 also taking place at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja. The conference is designed to be a workshop-styled event that will provide participants with practical knowledge of arbitration. Each session will be conducted in an interactive manner that will require the active participation of not just the panellist but also the audience.

Africa has come of age and has emerged as a major player in the international arbitration field. Its role has changed from being ‘user’ to being an active participant in all its ramifications. Governments in Africa and African Arbitral Institutions are working to develop Africa into an arbitration hub, with the realization that an internationally recognized arbitration hub sends the right message to investors. These are however not without challenges. There are calls within Africa for modern arbitration laws, an up to date legal framework. We have developed expertise in the field, we have built capacity, we have set up arbitral institutions, we have acquired training and education of international standards and many Africans have developed international reputation in the field. Yet there is still more to be done. The topics have been carefully chosen to give insight to the challenges facing the development of arbitration in Africa, the gains we have achieved and the way forward for arbitration in Africa.

We invite you to join us at this year’s conference which is expected to bring together participants from across the world and will offer networking opportunities for alternative dispute resolvers all over Nigeria and the world to meet, share experience, develop business and learn from one another. Our closing Gala Nite event is the perfect relaxing atmosphere we all need to unwind.

It promises to be an exciting and knowledge sharing event and we look forward to seeing you at the conference, the flagship event of the of the arbitrators calendar.

The 2018 Annual Conference and Gala Night of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrator UK (Nigeria Branch) is scheduled to hold from the 24th-26th Oct 2018 at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja. It starts with the Young Members Group (YMG) on the 24th while the conference proper starts on the 25th of October.

The theme of the 2018 Conference, “Arbitration and ADR in Africa: Challenges, Gains and Lessons for the Future” is expected to focus on contemporary frontline issues in arbitration and ADR in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa with a view to identifying any challenges or steps which needs to be taken to strengthen ADR practice and position Africa as a leading hub for ADR practice. This Conference will allow participants reflect on past challenges and prepare them for the future. It should enhance continued development of arbitral culture in Africa; promote new perspectives in the process for the future.

The 2018 Conference is founded on the theme of immediate past two conferences of the institute which are: exploring the new Frontiers in Arbitration & ADR in Africa (2016) and strengthening the building Blocks of Arbitration in Africa (2017). There is no gainsaying that these conferences have been of tremendous benefits to arbitration practitioners, arbitration users and stakeholders alike. Ergo, this years conference will not be an exception as it is poised to surpasss previous achievements. To this end, preparations are on-going to ensure that this year’s conference builds on the success of past conferences.

In achieving this, the conference is power packed with a lot of exciting session to discuss recondite issues including but not limited to: Judicial policy in arbitration; evolving issues in International Arbitration in Africa, representation of African Arbitrators; examining options and possibilities in commercial mediation and proffering ways to market acquired skills in Arbitration. Furthermore, it will critically evaluate how states can remove bottle necks inhibiting the growth of arbitration and present a conducive atmosphere for decision to thrive.

To ensure cross-pollination of ideas and to do justice to these topics, the organisers of this conference will ensure diversity in the selection of speakers from different parts of Africa &, Europe, among others. Participants are also expected largely from all parts of Africa and other Countries of the world. Furthermore, the event will host crème de la crème guests including Government functionaries, Prominent Arbitrators, Practitioners, members of the judiciary, Academics and other important stakeholders from the continent and beyond thereby providing a robust visibility and networking opportunity for delegates and stakeholders.

The conference will end in grand style with a Gala Nite which will feature top notch entertainment. This will cap the intensive and serious discourse with pleasurably social intercourse during which business relationships struck during the meeting will be cemented. Undoubtedly, the conference promises to be a highly impactful one that will deepen the roots of arbitration in Nigeria and Africa at large. I bet you won’t want to miss this epochal event for anything as this will be a conference to remember in a long time. To guarantee maximum quality, we have limited space to fill for the conference. I therefore encourage you to promptly register on-line and enjoy the benefit of the Early Bird registration.

I Look forward to a rich time together with you at the Conference.

Kindly contact the General Manager of the Institute on +2348067200353 or conference@ciarbnigeria.org should you require additional information or have any enquiries.

Speakers & Panelists
Mrs. Funke Agbor, SAN

Mrs Funke Agbor (SAN)


Engr. Nasiru Dantata


Dr Sally El Sawah

Aliyu Abbatti Abdulhameed Profile Picture-1

Mr. Abdulhameed Abbati Aliyu